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Slam Richmond is the only venue in Richmond, Virginia offering a poetry slam competition weekly for both youth and adults in separate categories. Poets compete by writing original poems and reciting them for an audience and judges randomly selected from our crowd. Winners of each competition qualify for a chance to represent Richmond, Virginia at the National Poetry Slam adult competition and “Brave New Voices” youth competition which are held annually in different cities each year. Once the teams are selected (5 poets, coach and entourage for adults, 6 team members, 2 coaches and entourage), they will rehearse and compete to show the world a peek into Virginia’s artistic and literary arsenal! We are also the only reading series in Richmond, Virginia offering a writing/performance workshop every week, led by our featured performers or, if without a feature some Saturday, one of our educated curators . Our workshops (5-7pm 52 Saturdays per year!) are free! We are also advocates of other performing arts (song, comedy, dance). We have feature performers that come from all parts of the globe. We can also be viewed via webcast on We interview artists of various genres of art, literature and backgrounds. We do not ask for admission! There are too many talented Americans (Virginians in particular) that simply, in our now faulty economy, do not have weekly admission money. We are a free venue so as to make art available to even the poorest of artists and struggling parents of artists. Our crowd ranges in age from as young as thirteen to the elderly. We cover everything associated with literary awareness: stanza structure, word use, and different forms of poetry, as well as different aspects of performance and perspectives; from urban inspired, slam, and academic. We also cover dialog about what it means to be an artist and the importance of celebrating art as opposed to celebrating celebrity. We believe literature changes lives. Art is the only avenue to prove humanity has hope. Art is where dreams are found.


Venue Name: 
The Shop (artspace annex)
Venue Address: 
400 Block of Hull Street at Plant Zero
Richmond, VA 23224
United States
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Show Dates: 
5:00 pm