Red Dirt Home For Wayward Poets

PSi Certified

Red Dirt Poetry, The Home for Wayward Poets is a more than 10 year institution in the OKC area, and has been mobilizing poets for years to take their art to new heights by sharing poetry on national stages at 1 of the 3 national events put on through Poetry Slam, Inc every year. These spots are hard-fought for and a huge honor in the local community. In the past few years, Oklahoma has been able to boast 2 of the top 10 poets in the entire country.


Venue Name: 
Sauced on Paseo
Venue Address: 
2912 N Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
United States
Door Price: 


Show Dates: 
Repeats every week every Wednesday 52 times .
8:30 pm