Austin Poetry Slam

PSi Certified

We hold a weekly slam at the Spider House Ballroom. It is big. We average 150-200 people in the audience every Tuesday.

We have five random judges chosen from the audience. Regular slam scoring style.

We usually take 13 poets each week. We have a random lottery to see which poets get in each week. If you don't get into the slam, you get a guaranteed spot for the following open week. We also reserve three spots a week for out-of-town poets who drove more than an hour to get there. They can claim this guaranteed spot once a quarter (so even if you drive in from Houston every week, you can only get the guaranteed spot 4 times each year).

We go in random order in the first round. Low to high in round 2, low to high in round 3... Clean Slate scoring in every round.

Spider House Ballroom is a big room with a bar in the back, with a 285 standing capacity. It has nice red curtains on all the walls, and they are very supportive of the slam.

There is a sound system and a spotlight on the poets, and a DJ, and a sound guy, and a voice of god/scorekeeper/timekeeper, and a rotating host schedule, and we organize our community mainly via facebook.

Hooray for Austin Slam!


Venue Name: 
Austin Poetry Slam
Venue Address: 
2908 Fruth Street
Austin, TX 78702
United States
Door Price: 


Show Dates: 
Repeats every week every Tuesday 50 times except Mon Dec 23 2013, Mon Dec 30 2013.
8:00 pm