Ann Arbor Poetry Slam

PSi Certified

The Ann Arbor Poetry Slam happens every Sunday night at Silvio's in Ann
Arbor, Michigan.

Sign-ups go out at 7:30pm. The first six poets to sign up for the open mic
are entered to share at 8:00pm. The first eight poets to sign up for the
poetry slam are entered; the ninth, tenth, and later poets will compete in a
haiku slam-off to win the two final entrances in that night's poetry slam.
Occasional, out-of-town professional poets offer feature performances after
the open mic. By 9:00pm, ten competing poets will draw random numbers for
their order and perform in Round One. The six top-scoring poets will advance
to Round Two and perform in reverse order. The overall winner is determined
by the cumulative total of their Round One and Round Two scores.

Five judges (or a minimum of three) are selected from the audience, qualified
by their lack of bias. The audience is invited and encouraged to “vote”
with their response: applauding, snapping, shouting, or keeping silent in
order to tell the judges what they think of each poem.

Each week competing poets earn points. Points are determined by the number of
poets competing that night divided by the position the poet places. Example:
on a night with ten competing poets, the poet who takes second place earns
five points. The points add up over the season (Fall to Spring), and the ten
top-scoring poets qualify for the Ann Arbor Poetry Slam City Finals. Those
ten poets will compete along with two last chance/wild-card slam winners for
a total of five spots to represent Ann Arbor at the National Poetry Slam.

Come, share your voice, and experience the incomparable vulnerability,
connection, and excitement of poetry slam in Ann Arbor.


Venue Name: 
Venue Address: 
715 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
United States
Door Price: 
$5.00 Suggested Donation


Show Dates: 
Repeats every week every Sunday .
8:00 pm