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NPS 2014 Champions

Your 2014 National Poetry Slam Team Champions are:

  • Beltway Poetry Slam

Your 2014 National Poetry Slam Group Piece Champions are:

  • Hear Here! Poetry Slam

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the amazing poets who made NPS 2014 a great week.

A special thanks to Maureen Benson, Dahled, and the whole Oakland crew who made NPS 2014 the best one yet.

2014 Individual World Poetry Slam

The Individual World Poetry Slam (iWPS) is a four day poetry festival, bringing together 72 of the best performance poets from North America, as well as poets from other parts of the world, to compete for the championship title. In this event, poets compete in preliminary competitions (referred to as “bouts”) over two nights. The poets with the top twelve scores from those days move on to Finals, where one poet is crowned the champion!

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