IV. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a team protest if they do not have enough working microphones on stage?

    No, Technical difficulties cannot be anticipated, nor can they be immediately fixed. For example, if a mic goes out during a performance it would probably be worse for the performer to have the tech person stop his/her performance to work on the mic.

  2. Can I put a poet on stage who is not a primary author?

    Yes and no. Teams are encouraged to perform multi-voiced poems, for the good of the art and the good of the audience. Often, a poet who could not be considered a primary author is used to add to a performance, much like a back-up singer or dancer might be used. Though (as of the Spring 2008 Slammaster's meeting) this is a contentious point, use of these back-up poets is allowed. The majority of Slammaster's stipulated that every poet who steps onto the stage at NPS must be a primary author somewhere in the bout, to discourage the potential practice of bringing a poet to NPS, then using them only for their vocal or physical talents, but not for their writing talent.

    To reiterate, YES a poet can perform in a group piece who is not a primary author of that piece, BUT the poet MUST perform in another rotation as a primary author.

  3. Doesn't that make it harder to strategize?